Day 6 #NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo, COD Black Ops 3

COD Black Ops 3 vs NaNoWriMo Nil

What can I say, a girl really cannot compete with the latest Xbox game. My son’s got his COD on, that’s ‘Call Of Duty Black Ops III’ for those of you not in the know. Released today in the UK.

I was given the high honor, of the first COD mission,

MISSION 1 – Pick up the pre-order from town

Why didn’t he go himself? You might ask, well I had his car because mine needed a new exhaust 😦

Now the mission is on, and I must say getting rather raucous, so I’m taking my NaNo Notebook to bed and will do some hand written notes. (Hopefully)

I will try a dawn raid in the morning. (My son will game all night, then sleep most of the day ARGH!)

Hope you are all having a better evening than I?

Happy Writing 🙂


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