Day 4 #NaNoWriMo ‘The Daisy Chain Crown’ Chapter 1


‘The Daisy Chain Crown’

Chapter 1 April Showers

Copyright © 2015 Rose English

With the great sadness, came the rains. Not merely pretty April showers, but full blown torrential rain. Excess water forced the stream to become swollen, seeping out beyond its rocky banks into the spring meadow, making it unusually swamp like. All the beautiful flowers closing up petals and falling back into slumber.

However, the loft library’s terrace garden was protected from the storms; it was a little piece of heaven. The meadow was still here, not that the small broken child, lying amongst the pillows, noticed. She mourns for her lost twin. There has been no news of Mattie. Sara cannot bring herself to read, nor even open any of the beautiful books she shared with her sister. So she lies lost amongst the secret treasures of the library.

“Bo-ing, Bo-ing, Bo-ing”

It is one month since the disappearance of Mattie. Grandfather is chiming out, very loudly the mid-day hour, the time that the little girl went missing.

“Bo-ing, Bo-ing, Bo-ing”

The weather has broken and the sun is making a rare appearance, shining down upon the little terrace garden. A bright sunbeam is illuminating the beautiful little bird table, upon which is a small bunch of golden buttercups, along with pure white daisies. The flowers are heaped haphazardly upon the wooden boards.

“Bo-ing, Bo-ing, Bo-ing”

The old antique clock is getting louder with each pealing chime of the bells, but Sara does not stir. The child is lost in her deep sorrow. At the end of the loft the big glass doors are slightly open to let in the cool air, for although the weather is bad the temperature is mild. A slight breeze swirls into the library and seems to caress her cheek, but she remains motionless.

“Bo-ing, Bo-ing, Bo-ing”

Grandfather has chimed twelve of the clock and it is now mid-day, he has been unable to get the little girls attention. Suddenly the gentle wind brings with it the fresh fragrance of the meadow. The current lifts the buttercups and daisies from the bird table and brings them into the library. The little flowers rain softly down upon the child and for the first time in a month her curiosity is aroused.

“Mattie is that you?” she whispers expectantly.

Sara raises herself from the cushions, a little trail of delicate petals lead to the open terrace doors.

“Mattie” she calls a little louder, as she leaps towards the miniature meadow.

Pulling the doors wide she takes in a deep breath, at the same time inhaling the tantalising sweet smells of nature. Once more she shouts for her sister.

“Matt . . . ie”

The blustery weather picks up, it swirls flowers up into the air, then away over the balcony. Mattie’s name is stolen on the wind. The sun is swallowed by the swollen grey clouds, once more leaving Sara lost and alone.

Tears fill the child’s eyes, but as she looks up she spies for the briefest moment, the most beautiful and bright, colourful rainbow. In a blink it is gone, the sadness rolls down her cheeks. The delicate perfume has also departed and the flowers sit motionless upon the library floor. Sara turns her face from the greyness of the day; she steps back into the room, and falls down upon her pillows. Her face is buried within their softness and she sobs herself to sleep.

38165819-123rf bw

Well I hope you enjoyed this second part of my little story? Call by again soon.

Happy Reading 🙂


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