Day 02 #NaNoWriMo ‘The Daisy Chain Crown’ Prologue


Bright summer afternoon on the meadow.

NaNoWriMo Day 2 and achieved 2,303 words

I was inspired to start my new story, here is my little prologue, don’t forget this is NaNo so the grammar may be a bit rough round the edges. The challenge is just to keep on writing and get the ideas down. Another book to feature in ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’

‘The Daisy Chain Crown’

Copyright © 2015 Rose English


“Do you like butter?”

A small hand held a golden buttercup below the chin of the creamy white face of her twin. A soft yellow glow spread over the skin.

“Yes, you do like butter Sara. Now do me”

Sara had her hands full of brilliant, white daisies and her Sunday gown was overflowing with them. She sat cross legged, upon the grass besides the silver stream; her twin Mattie sat opposite also cross legged. If not for their clothing they would be a reflection of each other, mirror images. Martha is a tomboy she prefers to be called Mattie; rarely does she wear a dress and is more often than not found to be in faded denim dungarees, rolled up at the ankles. A long baggie white shirt half tucked in and half hanging out loose, also rolled up at the sleeves.

The girls are wrapped in the warm soft spring air; the gentle fragrance from the sweet meadow grass and the bright dainty wild flowers is tenderly caressing their skin as it is stirred softly by the breeze.
The finishing link is made in the daisy chain and Sara holds up a crown fit for a princess, she wants to reach over and place it upon the dark wavy hair of her twin with its wild loose ends escaping the beautiful plait their mother had created for both her daughters, in the early morning after washing for breakfast.

Mattie gently takes the daisies from her sister and places it on the top of Sara’s head; it looks so much better on her, Mattie smiles.

“You are the princess sister, not I. But do tell me, do I like butter or not”

She passes the golden buttercup to Sara and holds her equally creamy white face up to the sky, revealing her chin for Sara to hold the flower below.

“Yes dearest sister, you too love butter”

The girls reach forward and fold their arms around each other, as they so very often do, in a loving sisterly hug.

“Happy Birthday” they both said at exactly the same moment.

Then Mattie gives a little tug and both girls fall onto the grass giggling. Most of Sara’s daisies spill onto the pasture so she sits up and scoops them back again.

“Come Mattie; let us make a crown for mother.”

It all starts off well enough but Mattie soon loses concentration, she damages more flowers than she threads. She begins to take off her pumps and socks aiming to go for a paddle in the stream even though it will still be very cold, as spring is just newly upon us.

“I’ve had enough now sister, let’s go paddling”

“Not on your life, I’m sorry but I am not going to spoil my Sunday dress”

“Suit yourself” and off Mattie runs.

Within a few short hops, skips and a few jumps she is at the water’s edge. Giggling she jumps in slashing water up over her rolled up dungarees, she gives a small scream when her feet enter the ice cold water but all the pleasure and exhilaration only fuels her enjoyment.

Sara watches the excitement wash over her sister and smiles. The smallest things in nature always bring wonder. Within moments Mattie is dipping her hand into the little stream, picking up shiny colourful pebbles, and then throwing them back in seeing how big a splash she can make. She was becoming soaking wet, but had no care in the world.

With her eyes full of love for her sister she lowers them and once again begins to weave the daisy chain crown for their mother. Sara is concentrating so much, picking out only the most prettiest of daisies, that she does not notice her sister has wandered further along the stream, heading in the direction of the river.

By the time she has finished her little creation, Mattie is out of sight.

She is gone, never to return home again.


Well once again thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed this little insight into my new adventure?

Happy Reading & Writing Rose 🙂


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