The right way to write

Reading this little blog made me glow, as it did Sue Vincent when she wrote it, after receiving a simple comment that someone enjoyed her writing. As a reader I just want to be swept along with the story too. Like Sue says “A good book … is an unobtrusive vessel that holds a story.”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

For a writer, the best thing in the world is to know you have been read and that what you have written has been enjoyed or has struck a chord with a reader. Most of the time, we just don’t know… a book goes out into the world and we hear very little. Sales don’t matter in that respect… you still don’t know. The odd review or a comment always feel like a gift. Today, therefore, I am glowing.

Yesterday a fellow blogger mentioned that his Mum likes my work and it felt as good as winning a major literary prize.  Then I was paid what must be one of the ultimate compliments as a writer… I have been quoted. Twice.  Once as part of a review of the charity anthology More than Best Friends, then today Colleen chose to use something she had read as her quote for

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