The Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park

One of London’s little Victorian Secrets. The hidden gem of Hyde Park’s Beloved Pet Cemetery. This is a beautiful little insight to how much the Victorians loved their dogs (Many say the fashion was set by Victoria herself who owned many faithful dogs in her lifetime one of her favourites being Dash a King Charles Spaniel.

In my little story ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ these facts inspired my little Christmas gift of a little dog ‘Ruby Heart’.

London-In-Sight Blog

Most people are not aware of Hyde Park’s Pet Cemetery, and of those people I have not heard of one who has been lucky enough to actually make it inside. For nestled within the bushes of Victoria Gate Lodge’s garden on Bayswater Road and behind the fortifying iron gates of the Park’s perimeter, you will find the enchanting and pint-sized Pet Cemetery. It all began totally by accident as a kind favor by the lodge-keeper, Mr. Winbridge, in 1881 and carried on through to 1903, eventually reckoning with over 300 graves.

First came ‘Cherry’, a Maltese Terrier. Cherry belonged to the children of Mr. & Mrs. J Lewis Barned, who resided at 10 Cambridge Square. They frequently visited Hyde Park and made good acquaintance with the Gatekeeper at Victoria Lodge who also sold them lollypops and ginger beer. When Cherry died of old age there was much grievance in the…

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