A little bit of ‘Deconstruction’

Good day to you all, & Happy Thursday

So today I have a day off and set myself the task of a little bit of ‘Deconstruction’, no I am not knocking down any walls or doing any home DIY just a little bit of editing to my Christmas book ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’. Last Year my short story won 1st prize in a little competition and was featured in ‘Seasonal, Sweet & Suspenseful’. Click the image to find out more.


This year I am able to publish it as a short story all on it’s own, and I want to include an introduction to my main character ‘Grandfather Time’ in preparation for my 1st full length novel ‘The Coldest Winter’ – ‘Book 1 in The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’.

Grandfather Time, Magic, FantasyThis was my original idea for a cover.

Well the editing will not get done whilst I am playing on Social Media so I best get to it, wish me luck.


Have a good day Happy Reading & Writing 🙂


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