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‘D: Whitby’s Darkest Secret’ by Chris Turnbull

D Whitby's Darkess Secret

I cannot wait to read this book. Click on the image above to see read the Prologue.

Happy Reading 🙂


The Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park

One of London’s little Victorian Secrets. The hidden gem of Hyde Park’s Beloved Pet Cemetery. This is a beautiful little insight to how much the Victorians loved their dogs (Many say the fashion was set by Victoria herself who owned many faithful dogs in her lifetime one of her favourites being Dash a King Charles Spaniel.

In my little story ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ these facts inspired my little Christmas gift of a little dog ‘Ruby Heart’.

London-In-Sight Blog

Most people are not aware of Hyde Park’s Pet Cemetery, and of those people I have not heard of one who has been lucky enough to actually make it inside. For nestled within the bushes of Victoria Gate Lodge’s garden on Bayswater Road and behind the fortifying iron gates of the Park’s perimeter, you will find the enchanting and pint-sized Pet Cemetery. It all began totally by accident as a kind favor by the lodge-keeper, Mr. Winbridge, in 1881 and carried on through to 1903, eventually reckoning with over 300 graves.

First came ‘Cherry’, a Maltese Terrier. Cherry belonged to the children of Mr. & Mrs. J Lewis Barned, who resided at 10 Cambridge Square. They frequently visited Hyde Park and made good acquaintance with the Gatekeeper at Victoria Lodge who also sold them lollypops and ginger beer. When Cherry died of old age there was much grievance in the…

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‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ the final edit (or is it?)

The Magic of Grandfather Time

Well Happy Weekend one and all

As you can see I’ve been playing once again, throwing sparkles at my original book cover for ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ .

I have however managed to complete my final edit (hopefully) its with a few of my author friends having a final check over.

Here is a little taster

Grandfather Time

The Magic of Grandfather Christmas


Christmas Eve 1880, Grandfather, with an air of solemnity, begins to chime out the hour of midnight. Even at a majestic height of 8ft, he is currently hidden in a blackened corner of the parlour; his presence felt through the day only by his sad, mournful ticking. Grandfather has always had an air of magic surrounding him, bestowed upon him by Old Father Time himself, but until now there has never been a need to use it.

The fire is dwindling, its embers barely bright enough to cast the shadow of the broken man upon the wall. Cole Clement is lost deep in his sadness; little did he notice the evening slowly spilling into the room wrapping him in its quiet darkness. How time passes. There will be no jolly Christmas cheer this year. The gloomy little cottage is not even bedecked with a solitary sprig of holly; the only similarity to last year is the soft aroma of the slowly burning apple-wood logs.


Also because Grandfather Christmas is so short I shall include

‘An Introduction to Grandfather Time’

Grandfather Time


Tonight the magic is strong. The night is charged with anticipation. We are on the cusp of a new dawn. The last time I felt it this strong I died.


The house stands empty. There is not a soul around to hear me chime in the New Century.

Out through the vast glass wall, across the frozen lake and beyond the forest, the black velvet sky, only moments before twinkling with tiny silver illuminations, now erupts in celebration. A multitude of shooting stars, swiftly soar towards the dark heavens. They burst open and shower silver raindrops back down upon the earth, as they descend they meet small clusters of emeralds and as each drop kisses a green gem it sets into motion a magic, as if a precious garden is coming to life. There are hundreds of tiny florets, all the colours of the rainbow blooming forth into the night sky. What a wondrous sight to behold. Somewhere out there, beneath this heavenly delight my family celebrates this New Millennium with friends in the city.
Time has passed magically by, in what seems like only a few tick, tocks of my golden pendulum heart. Most have been wondrous years, but some have seen great sadness. I am Grandfather Time and this is my story.

New Year’s Eve 1699

The parlour is wrapped in the warm golden glow of candlelight. Over these past months, my eyesight has begun to fail making it more difficult to see the brass clock parts, although I know each by touch alone, I do not need to see them.
I have constructed so many beautiful time pieces over the years. This one however, is a special gift to my beautiful wife and family, and to welcome our new child.
I gaze up at the ceiling and selfishly say a little prayer.
“A boy, please if fate allows. Let it be a healthy boy. My poor dear wife, how I wish this were all over for you”.
Patience, my wife is expecting our seventh child. We’ve had six beautiful baby girls and I fear this will be our last chance of a son. Oh, I expect the name of Clement to be around for many years. The time pieces I have created, will last a life time, if not longer.

If you want to know more you will unfortunately have to wait until 1st November.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Reading 🙂

Awethology Light & Awethology Dark

Will you stay within the shadows of the ‘Dark’ or come out into the ‘Light’? 2 Awesome short story collections available from 18th October 2015

Plaisted Publishing House

12113523_10154245504858448_4702270787191060319_oThe excitement mounts as the ‘Get down with Awethors,’ event draws closer.  Here in New Zealand we are less than 24 hours away, so don’t forget to drop in and say hi to your South Pacific #Awethors.  We will start this event along with Australia, who is only a couple of hours behind.  Then the rest of the world joins in.  Most people think there are only 24 hours to a day – it’s time to think again.

awethologyDARK SMASHWORDSawethologyLIGHTSMASHWORDSDuring this awesome event we will have our first ever Anthology Release.  So many #Awethors wanted to join in, we ended up with 2 books.  Awethology Dark for Adults and Awethology Light for 18 years and under.  Can you imagine 49 #Awethors getting together, writing, editing, proofreading, formatting and publishing two books in mere months.  This fabulous idea was the brain child of Rocky Rochford and D M Cain

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Spooky tales unleashed!

Halloween short story collection worth checking out 🙂

Chess Desalls

Be ready for chillsToday’s the release day for Darkness Echoes, a YA spooky short story collection. Grab your copy at Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble and settle in with a pumpkin latte for some Halloween fun. Hang out with all the authors at our online launch party, and don’t forget about the Kindle fire giveaway!

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A little bit of ‘Deconstruction’

Good day to you all, & Happy Thursday

So today I have a day off and set myself the task of a little bit of ‘Deconstruction’, no I am not knocking down any walls or doing any home DIY just a little bit of editing to my Christmas book ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’. Last Year my short story won 1st prize in a little competition and was featured in ‘Seasonal, Sweet & Suspenseful’. Click the image to find out more.


This year I am able to publish it as a short story all on it’s own, and I want to include an introduction to my main character ‘Grandfather Time’ in preparation for my 1st full length novel ‘The Coldest Winter’ – ‘Book 1 in The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’.

Grandfather Time, Magic, FantasyThis was my original idea for a cover.

Well the editing will not get done whilst I am playing on Social Media so I best get to it, wish me luck.


Have a good day Happy Reading & Writing 🙂