‘Seal Mother ~ Retold’ by Rose English

Whoop whoo

Well the latest news is that my wonderful illustrator Abigail Ryder has put the finishing touches to the beautiful  image for the front cover of my little folktale called ‘Seal Mother ~ Retold’. Abigail has agreed to let me use the image so long as we donate the royalties from the book to the UK Seal Sanctuary

Selkie, Seal Mother‘Daughter of the Selkies’
Pen and Ink
Copyright Abigail L. Ryder, 2004

My other news is that I currently have a wonderful lady working on putting Abigail’s image onto a book cover for me. Watch this space.

Even more good news, today I discovered a wonderful poem that sums up the story perfectly along with an image from the same book ‘Poems’ by Amelia Welby 1850.

(My Seal Mother uses a shell, blessed by the Moon Goddess, to tell her woeful story to her beautiful young daughter on the shore).

‘To A Sea Shell’
by American Poet Amelia Welby 1845

Shell of the bright sea-waves!
What is it, that we hear in thy sad moan?
Is this unceasing music all thine own?
Lute of the ocean caves!

O does some spirit dwell
In the deep windings of thy chambers dim,
Breathing forever, in its mournful hymn,
Of ocean’s anthem swell?

Sea Shell, 17th Century

Thanks for dropping by, its all getting very exciting now.

Call in again soon Rose English

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