Geeks unite! That means all of us…

I’m a GEEK too LOL ‘Obsessive Reading Enthusiast’ 🙂


The word ‘geek’ became the stereotype for the science students, the socially awkward and those not following fashion. It used to be that such people who didn’t conform to the mainstream were ‘nerds’ – that is now the name of a sweet.

Both words began as derogatory terms but lately are celebrated.

My sister-in-law declares herself a Geek on a regular basis with a cheerful grin as she shows me another weird post she’s found on-line. It could be on anything from a sex-poem about over 60s to a Terry Pratchett or Doctor Who link.

I say – let’s all embrace our inner geek!

For info, here’s some definitions:

Geek (n)

  1. an unfashionable person
  2. a socially inept person
  3. an obsessive enthusiast
  4. a person with an eccentric devotion to an interest
  5. a carnival performer who does a wild act (American)

ORIGIN: late 19th century, from English ‘geck’, related to Dutch ‘gek’

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