#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 10 FINAL DAY


Pen your own perfect first sentence to you “Great American Novel” an tweet it! #IndieRoar

Today is the final day of our challenge.  Are you sad?  Are you glad?  Either way, we have to go out with a BANG.  What kind of  Indies would we be if we didn’t write something special for our readers?!

In honor of our collective readers, write the first line of your next novel, the novel you’d always dreamed you would write, the novel your mother/brother/teacher/mentor/friend/husband told you to write — write the first sentence of that book.

The end is nigh.  The fat…ahem…the lady has sung the final aria and the curtain is about to fall.  How will we remember you?  Haunt us. Pleasure us. Entertain us.  We’ll love you for it!


From ‘Seal Mother ~ Retold’ a tale of the Selkie. By Rose English

‘It was an oyster and pearl kind of day, and oh how soft, the wind and waves gently play’


Sadly this is the final day of the #IndieRoar Challenge, its been fun. I hope you’ve had a great time following all of us. Good-luck to my fellow participants.

Happy Reading & Writing 🙂

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