…nearly finished writing ‘KILLER CITY’… here’s a wee teaser for yeez… hope yeez like it…

Not for those of a nervous disposition!

Seumas Gallacher


…it’s LUVLY when yeez can see the finishing line in the not-too-distant horizon… it has been almost two years since my last Jack Calder crime thriller masterpiece, SAVAGE PAYBACK, hit the Great God Amazon’s hustings… that two years had many things ‘going on’ that slowed down the production of the fourth novel about my ex-SAS guys… as yeez know, ‘Life is what’s happening when yeez are busy doing other things’… but I’m on the last furlong toward the elusive publication date… edits will follow for the moment, then taaa-raaaa!… Crooked Cat Publishing will herald KILLER CITY across yer Kindles and anywhere else yeez visit to buy yer books… for the moment, I’m keen to share with yeez the opening chapter, and must ‘fess up… a tiny frisson of excitement is setting in… I can’t wait to get it finished  and ‘out there’, partly ‘coz the plot for…

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