…the thinking reader’s writer… another insightful piece from Author pal, Tony McManus… enjoy…

A truly insightful piece something I agree with wholeheartedly. Sex scenes (and for that matter heavy violence & swearing) in literature, have their place and it’s not necessarily helping to move a story along in the majority of novels.

I have on several occasions dismissed a book that started so beautifully, then went into a lot of heavy swearing or very descriptive sex scenes. Such a shame.

Seumas Gallacher

…one of the trickiest parts of fiction writing for any writer, newbie or well-established is in the treatment of (shhhhh..) sex scenes… my Author mate, Tony McManus, puts his perspective superbly well in this excellent piece…



Good authors too, who once knew better words

                       Now only use four letter words writing prose

                       Anything goes

Cole Porter

“Buddy, that sex scene you’re planning for your suspense adventure thriller. The one where Mike, your hero, makes his move on that lovely Japanese lotus blossom, Kitty, and gets her up to his hotel room and……”

“You mean the one in chapter four, just after she……..”

“Yes that’s the one; the hot, steamy scene where you go to town, stun your readers, and really show your mettle as a writer.”

“What about it?”

“Do yourself a big favor and leave it out.”


“It’s not necessary. It doesn’t…

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