#IndieRoar Challenge Day 1. ~ Rose Reviews ‘The Shadow Rises’ by KS Marsden

Well today I am doing a little review for the wonderful book by Indie Author KS Marsden. I give it 5* and read it in just 2 sittings. FREE to download at the time of posting.


Witch-Hunter Series 1 by KS Marsden


‘The Shadow Rises’ (Witch-Hunter Series Book 1) by KS Marsden


I started reading this as a challenge for Indie Books Be Seen on Social Media. They support & promote independent authors. Being a FREE download I didn’t really expect a great deal. I generally like a printed book and I am afraid for some reason the cover didn’t immediately appeal. I read the blurb and was tempted inside. Well I was hooked from the start, drawn into the night-time setting of Venice with lights sparkling across the canal. Then being introduced to the enigmatic, charming English gentleman, Hunter Astley, seventh generation Witch-Hunter. Tall dark & handsome with classic good looks, he is the dream of many a young woman, all seemingly attracted to him, but not the the tall pretty brown haired girl. Her hazel eyes had locked on Hunter for the briefest of moments. Then she turned away, obviously dissatisfied with what she saw. Her loss. Or would things turn out differently in the long run?

It’s difficult to give a review and not give anything away, so I will say little else, just that I was hooked. I read the whole book in two sittings. Hunter was a character I could not help but love, he had me in a swoon that’s for sure. His trusty friend & sidekick 1st generation, but highly intelligent Yorkshire man James, was amusing but sometimes a little annoying with his accent. The two friends devoted to one another, although this did surprise me considering all they endured. Especially in the company of Sophie new Witch-Hunter in training.

A fascinating story I simply could not put down. I thought it might be a little predictable? In some things it was and then in others I was twisted around by events, several I never saw coming. Well I’m off to start Book 2 ‘The Shadow Reigns’. I’ll be back soon to let you know what I think of it.

In the meantime if you fancy a little witchy story, the handsome hunter & the hunted, why not pick up or download a copy? I highly recommend it, but don’t just take my word for it. Go try it for yourself. Happy Reading 🙂

PS Day 2 of the #IndieRoar Challenge asked which actor would play the lead in your fav Indie Book? Well being a massive reader it was hard to choose which book to focus on so I used this one. My choice to play the handsome Hunter Astley would be

Rupert FriendRupert Friend

This wonderful actor would be perfect, playing the role of some of my own characters from my works in progress. Particularly in his performance as ‘Prince Albert’ in ‘The Young Victoria’

Rupert FriendRupert as Prince Albert

Thanks for reading this little review hope it helped. Happy Reading 🙂


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