The PA and the High Court Judge

In protest against eBook piracy, ‘Laughter Lines; Life from the Tail End’ by Sue Vincent is being offered as a legitimate free download this weekend until midnight PST (approx. 8am Monday GMT 01/06/2015).

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

No, that isn’t the title of some sleazy, top-shelf novel, but a signal victory for the Publishers Association as the High Court upholds their application and grants a blocking order requiring the major UK internet service providers to prevent access to a number of ebook piracy sites.

It is only the tip on an insidious iceberg, but it does send a clear message.

These sites, holding literally millions of ebook titles between them, make money through on-site advertising, harvesting email addresses and referrals. None of this money is paid to the writers, publishers or agents or the platforms who produce these works. In addition, ebooks in the UK are subject to VAT, a purchase tax, so even the governmental coffers are being pilfered.

You can read more on the BBC website and the Publishers Association’s own site by clicking the highlighted links.

In protest against ebook piracy, Laughter Lines; Life…

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