‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ 06

Happy Sunday.

 Well today I’ve been doing more editing on my ‘‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’  book and I found a poetry style I was trying out in 2003.

The Rondeau – seems to originate in France around the 13th century often set to music.

More often found as 15 lines in 3 stanza of unequal length.

5 lines, 4 lines, then 6 lines end of second and third repeat (aabba–aabR–aabbaR)

 My little attempt does not quite fit but I hope you enjoy it?


Just to show what a true rondeau should be like, here is one of the most famous telling the events of  World War I

 ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

In Flanders Field


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