Half-Marathon – training with my Sis

Good Luck to Maria & her sister training for a good cause 🙂

Maria Gibbs

Saturday was the first time my sister and I trained together for this craziness that she has talked me into. We drove to WIndsor evoking a myriad of memories. Windsor was the last place I rode horses, other than the occasional holiday hack.

The weather proved to be typically British as it boasted its array of seasons. From the comfort of the car we looked on as it rained. Both of us wondered what had brought us out on a day like this but the rain stopped and the sun shone.

We entered the park from the Bishop’s gate entrance and started our run. We went along Snow Hill up towards the Copper Horse, it took a few minutes to adapt to a pace suitable for both of us. In my little running bag sat my MP3 as I didn’t know whether I could run without it. Julia and I…

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