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May Day Magic

These are such stunning photographs I just had to share 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

bluebell mayday magic 035Today, I went for a walk with my son.

Even writing that has me grinning from ear to ear. Let me say that again. I went for a walk with my son. The one who can’t walk… who hasn’t walked above a few, stumbling steps unaided for the past six years. The walking frame stayed at home. The wheelchair stayed in the car.

And we went for a walk.

bluebell mayday magic 068It is May Day… Beltane… a time of magic, renewal and rebirth… a time when the fires of optimism are kindled and burn bright. Such fires do not need to consume their fuel, but can themselves ignite hope and make dreams flare and dance. The first email I had opened today had spoken of the spiral dance I had shared with a friend on May Day morning in Oxford. It had been a moment of sheer joy and magic…

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The PA and the High Court Judge

In protest against eBook piracy, ‘Laughter Lines; Life from the Tail End’ by Sue Vincent is being offered as a legitimate free download this weekend until midnight PST (approx. 8am Monday GMT 01/06/2015).

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

No, that isn’t the title of some sleazy, top-shelf novel, but a signal victory for the Publishers Association as the High Court upholds their application and grants a blocking order requiring the major UK internet service providers to prevent access to a number of ebook piracy sites.

It is only the tip on an insidious iceberg, but it does send a clear message.

These sites, holding literally millions of ebook titles between them, make money through on-site advertising, harvesting email addresses and referrals. None of this money is paid to the writers, publishers or agents or the platforms who produce these works. In addition, ebooks in the UK are subject to VAT, a purchase tax, so even the governmental coffers are being pilfered.

You can read more on the BBC website and the Publishers Association’s own site by clicking the highlighted links.

In protest against ebook piracy, Laughter Lines; Life…

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‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ 06

Happy Sunday.

 Well today I’ve been doing more editing on my ‘‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’  book and I found a poetry style I was trying out in 2003.

The Rondeau – seems to originate in France around the 13th century often set to music.

More often found as 15 lines in 3 stanza of unequal length.

5 lines, 4 lines, then 6 lines end of second and third repeat (aabba–aabR–aabbaR)

 My little attempt does not quite fit but I hope you enjoy it?


Just to show what a true rondeau should be like, here is one of the most famous telling the events of  World War I

 ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

In Flanders Field

Book review: Harry Webb in ‘A Potato With Her Name On’ by Jason Pinnington

Adventures of an author's wife

It’s been ages since I read a book I couldn’t put down, and so I was so excited (and annoyed when life got in the way!) when I started reading Harry Webb in ‘A Potato With Her Name On’. This is the Goodreads synopsis:

The name’s Webb, Harry Webb, spider and private detective. Most people find what I do exciting, chases, shootouts, chases, fist fights, chases, escapes – you get the idea, there’s a lot of chases. Not me, I prefer the stakeout, hours sitting on some Liverpool street watching, waiting, eating, drinking coffee… minimal fees, minimal risk.

Then a job lands at my feet, a job I can’t refuse because it’s the only way out of a hole I’m in. A high profile job for a high profile client, with secrets that need to stay secret. A job that’s tougher than an overcooked steak and keeps me looking over my…

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Half-Marathon – training with my Sis

Good Luck to Maria & her sister training for a good cause 🙂


Saturday was the first time my sister and I trained together for this craziness that she has talked me into. We drove to WIndsor evoking a myriad of memories. Windsor was the last place I rode horses, other than the occasional holiday hack.

The weather proved to be typically British as it boasted its array of seasons. From the comfort of the car we looked on as it rained. Both of us wondered what had brought us out on a day like this but the rain stopped and the sun shone.

We entered the park from the Bishop’s gate entrance and started our run. We went along Snow Hill up towards the Copper Horse, it took a few minutes to adapt to a pace suitable for both of us. In my little running bag sat my MP3 as I didn’t know whether I could run without it. Julia and I…

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‘Rainbows & Roses’ Book Cover Idea

Happy Monday

So over the past few weeks I have had a cast on my right arm after breaking my wrist. It has been a nightmare trying to do anything, especially edit my debut printed book ‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ so I’ve been playing with book cover ideas and a guy on Fiverr took my ideas and made this what do you thing? Any comments for or against are greatly appreciated.

I am aware this is very basic and would need a lot of tweaking, blurb to be added, font to perhaps simplify, spine title to be cut and turned around . . .

Rainbows, Roses, Poetry, Prose

‘Rainbow & Roses – Poetry & Prose’


‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ ‘On My Bike’ Poem

After seeing the blog ‘Ode to Bicycles’ it brought back memories of a little poem I created for National Poetry Day 4th October 2001 the theme was transport. I was at that time working as a School Librarian.

The poem ideally should be read with a Yorkshire accent, hope you like it.

The poem is to be featured in the new book ‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ out around the summertime.