‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ 03

Hello again

 So today I am sharing with you one of my saddest memories. It’s in the form of a little poem to go into my forth coming book ‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’. The book will be dedicated to my father.

I Wish I Could Remember …

I wish I could remember
how you bounced me on your knee,
and lifted me up high, to touch the sky
when I was three.

I wish I could remember
the sound of laughter sweet.
Especially when together
sparkling, shining eyes would meet.

I wish I could remember,
when we walked upon the sand.
We paddled in the water,
While you gently held my hand.

But all that I remember
is a smoky grey dull day,
and images in photographs
before God, stole you, away.

Now the angels share your smile, instead of me.

FamilyMini me with Mum & Dad February 1961

In memory of my father

Istvan Ferenc S’ari (Died 17th June 1966)

My father was stolen away from us in a mining accident when my brother, sister & I were mere babes. We count ourselves very lucky that mum is a very strong and independent lady and managed to bring us up alone with very little support. We have a very strong family bond and although we all live far apart, we are always there for each other.

 Any feedback is most welcome. If you liked it please share it with your friends.

 Thank You 🙂


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