The Vintage Coat by Chris Turnbull (x2 Reviews)

‘Time is a Curious Thing.’ Savour each & every moment.

Book Review


This is a delightfully sentimental story. The fact that I picked the book up at the authors 1st ever ‘Book Signing Event’ in Leeds, along with seeing ‘The Coat’ (the inspiration behind the novel) made it even more magical.

A story of family & friendships, you cannot help but fall in love with the characters. I truly felt the fun & sense of adventure that Joseph (our main character) experiences slipping back in time. The author also made me sympathise with Joe and experience his heartache.

All in all an amazing little book. I could almost have devoured it in one sitting; however I was compelled to take my time. For this exquisite read, you really need to savour each & every moment.

5***** From Mrs Sheila S’ari

I also purchased a signed copy of this wonderful book for my mum. Not being tech savvy she asked me to add her comments to this review. So this is what she told me:-

“I’m not one for reading much, it takes me ages I’m a slow reader and I often have trouble holding a book for very long. This book was a lovely size not too thick, even the text was a nice size to read. I read the first page and knew it was going to be good. I loved the story, very nostalgic and a lovely little twist that I had no clue about. I really enjoyed it. Thank you”



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