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Happy Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

Today in the UK is a celebration not just for mothers, but for all the women of the world. Women with love in their hearts, who help us nurture the world.

They need not have children, they could be the carers of family and friends. The carers of pets. The artists who create and bring images to life. Maybe an author who gives words life and lifts them off the page and into our world. Gardeners who assist the greatest mother of all Mother Nature. All woman around the world deserve our thanks, so here is mine.

Happy Mothering Sunday one and all. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling 🙂

Pay it forward for authors – revised


I have been playing around with the idea of authors helping each other ever since I embarked on my second full-time job at the beginning of January. Self-published author with no contacts, no experience in marketing, in fact, no one but myself to do everything that needs doing.
I have had some advice from some kind, helpful authors who have already trodden the well-worn path. I have joined many groups on Facebook and Google+ some of which I have enjoyed being part of or reading comments on even though pressed for time. There are wonderful review groups, groups to chat about what you have read and all things book. On some of these groups, you can’t share links to your work, or you can occasionally share and understandably so. These groups are about so much more. Are we really trying to sell to each other though? Is another author our…

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Book Piracy and the Indie Author

Sherri A Wingler

So let’s talk about piracy for a moment. Not the cool kind of piracy, either. I’m not talking about scurvy, pegged legged dudes walking the plank. Although sharks are certainly involved. No, I want to talk about book piracy. As in, the theft of someone’s intellectual property. As in, sites giving illegal copies of books away, unbeknownst to the author who spent months, if not years, writing said books.

To be honest, I really never gave much thought to this subject. I’ve heard horror stories of authors getting ripped off, but I’ve always assumed it was the big name authors who were stolen from. As it turns out, it can happen to anyone. It could happen to me, in fact, and it did.

Here’s how my Sunday played out. I have a big giveaway coming up on March 20-24. So I spent several hours setting everything up with various book…

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World Book Day Memories

With the recent ‘World Book Day’ Event of Thursday 5th March 2015, fond memories returned to me of some of the events that took place at Ludlow C of E School, Shropshire UK. Where for a time I was the School Librarian, Learning Resource Assistant / School Reporter.

In 2008 we had a visiting Traditional Storyteller and the children performed a storytelling in two big house assemblies in front of teachers and many of their friends. They were AWESOME. Click the link below to see the blog on my new website. Happy Reading 🙂!World-Book-Day-Memories/cpfc/54fc3e960cf27b8ab2462f45

Why Self-Publishing Is Empowering For Women: a post for international women’s day

#HappyInternationalWomen’sDay #SelfPublishing is empowering for #wowmen this is a great little blog check it out 🙂

Joanne Phillips

I’ve always considered myself to be a feminist. It’s a personal term – whether you like it or not, these days feminism means different things to different people, and it annoys me greatly when the term is hijacked by those who insist that only their definition is ‘right’. So, I’m a feminist who is happily and lovingly married; who is a mother who has chosen to not work outside the home while my daughter is growing up; who rarely cooks if she can help it but who does do all of the washing and ironing and most of the housework. I’m a feminist who can change plugs, put up shelves, and tile bathrooms, but who hates to put out the rubbish and will gladly defer all grime-related jobs to my husband. In our household we avoid definitive gender roles, toys, words, clothing, TV programmes, and all other obvious stereotypes.


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My Photo: Evening Sky Part 2

These are really beautiful sunsets. Thank you for sharing them with us Firefly 🙂

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I decided to post more favorite photo shots that I took of the sunset. Also, while I was going through storage boxes, I found some photographs, I took a few years back. I might post these photos on here also. I haven’t decided yet. But never know with me. Anyway, here are my many favorites. Like I wrote before there just too many favorite photos.

Southwest Louisiana March Sunset Southwest Louisiana Sunset March 2014

This photo shot was taken towards the western sky. My other two photo shots with the Power line post is on the left side of this Live Oak trees.

Getting A Close Focus Shot... Getting A Close View..

I was a mile from this Power line post. I used the focus to get this close up shot.

Another Beautiful Sunset

Can You Spot The Little Mocking Bird?

When I took this photo shot, I did not notice the little Mocking Bird, until I seen the photo shots on my…

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