Seasonal, Sweet & Suspensful

I was lucky enough to have one of my short stories published in December 2014 in a wonderful Anthology of Seasonal Shorts along with 19 other new authors. There are some truly heartwarming selections in the book published by Blue Moon for Kindle. I can tell you now my eyes were moist and glistening on more than a number of occasions. My contribution was:-

‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’

Here is a little taster of my story


Christmas Eve 1880, Grandfather, with an air of solemnity, begins to chime out the hour of midnight. Even at a majestic height of 8ft, he is currently hidden in a blackened corner of the parlour; his presence felt through the day only by his sad, mournful ticking. Grandfather has always had an air of magic surrounding him bestowed upon him by Old Father Time himself, but until now there has never been a need to use it.

The fire is dwindling, its embers barely bright enough to cast the shadow of the broken man upon the wall. Cole Clement is lost deep in his sadness; little did he notice the evening slowly spilling into the room wrapping him in its quiet darkness. How time passes. There will be no jolly Christmas cheer this year. The gloomy little cottage is not even bedecked with a solitary sprig of holly; the only similarity to last year is the soft aroma of the slowly burning apple-wood logs.


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