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1st Self Published Short Story ‘One Breath

Well I cannot believe it, I have managed to self publish my short story ‘One Breath’ via Kindle Direct Publishing. I am so impressed I did it all by myself (took all day) but well worth it in the end. I have been blessed with a 5* review already. How cool is that.

Check it out on Amazon if you get a moment or hopefully hang on a week or two as I am looking to offer it at a bargain price or maybe even FREE. (Just got to look at the ins and outs).



Totally agree much better than movies and TV. Books have taken me to so very many new places, have given me so many new experiences I simply cannot get enough. I LOVE BOOKS 🙂

Response to Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #28, Prompts: Pop/Fail

Love this and the images go really well

Miscellaneous & Recommendations

Brain Strain

Thoughts pop into mind,
I fail to pay attention,
unplanned, unwanted.

Sometimes we carry our own storms. Artist is Igoe Morski.

Changing Sky

Cotton candy clouds
which pop up from the northwest,
And the sunlight fails.

Taken from my front porch. God paints awesome skies.

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Goodreads Page

Whoop whoo just got myself  connected to my Goodreads page and am now listed as an author, I have to keep pinching myself to know it is real.

Drop by to check out what I am reading, whats on my TBR list and a couple of reviews I might have left. All exciting new stuff.

Happy Reading

2015 Bleeding Hearts Valentines Day Giveaway

WOW 14 Fabulous Authors have come together to for an amazing Valentines Day Giveaway go check it out.


14 Authors, 14 Book Prizes PLUS 14 other beautiful gifts just click on the link below.

Once on the page click the arrow below the picture to see the next author and their wonderful prizes.

Debut by Maria Gibbs

As Dreams Are Made On

Product Description

Matty Taylor: a beautiful young woman is starting out in her new life with her husband. Plagued by visions that seem all too real she seeks advice from the Gypsy at the local fair.
Donald Taylor: cannot believe his luck when Matty agrees to marry him. A methodical, down to earth, man who requires irrefutable evidence to believe in the existence of anything.
Thomas Trevelyan: Enigmatic and exciting but with an agenda of his own.
Matty is pulled from her life in the 21st Century into a frightening dream world where Thomas Trevelyan rescues her from a crowd of angry peasants and spirits her off to his secluded house in the woods.
Frightened when he cannot wake Matty from her sleep Donald has to start challenging the way he thinks in order to get her back.
If Thomas can win her heart, he will be a step closer to obtaining the ultimate prize but he has to contend with the echoes of her real life endeavouring to lure her back.
Two men lay claim to her affections but who will be the victor?